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A better way of metering. DoseFlo provides a comprehensive solution for all of your standard chemical metering/dosing requirements. All pumping modules are designed to accommodate numerous add-ons that are configurable across the product line. Easily modify your existing pump skid to add or reduce process attributes.


Streamline your next project with Floco’s totally integrated product ecosystem, providing greater variability in flow ranges required in today’s process industry. Design marries strategic controls programing with the right process equipment to solve capacity limitations in many fluid handling applications.


Simplify your fluid transfer process. TransFlo optimizes railcar, tank, and truck load and unload design. Floco has spent the time so you don’t have to. Our comprehensive product ecosystem has you covered from hose and fittings to our proprietary controls package.

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Food grade, hygienic pumping systems made for a broad range of applications. HygenicFLo offers a proprietary selection process that allows for maximum flexibility . Add or omit process attributes while still offering a streamlined design. Designed to exceed FDA/GMP CIP standards.


Plug and Play state of the art magnetic filter designed to remove ferrous material from liquid process. New and retrofit inserts and housings allow ease of install and start-up. Save time and upgrade to our autocleaning systems, designed to fit your systems!


Water and Air Purification Systems - Industry leading water technology purification systems eliminating PFAS, PFOS and chemicals in today’s drinking water to safe levels. State of the art air purification FDA cleared to destroy viruses, bacteria, and molds. Proprietary PECO filter research studies shown to destroy SARS-COV-2.

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